Alex Projas ideges a Gods of Egypt fogadtatása miatt

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Alex Projas ideges a Gods of Egypt fogadtatása miatt

Szóval a rendező Facebookon kiborult, és azt mondta, hogy a kritikusok csak kiszolgálják az olvasóikat, és nincsenek saját gondolataik. Meg semmit sem érnek ebben a “this modern age of texting”-ben, ami alatt gondolom a Facebookot, twittert, instát és többi ilyesmit értette. Már rögtön ez furcsa, hiszen az tudjuk, hogy a közönség, a modern textelők mit gondolnak jónak, tényleg az legyen az alap szint szerinte? És tényleg ezt szállítják a kritikusok is, őket szolgálják ki önálló gondolat nélkül?

A tovább mögött ott van a teljes kifakadása.

NOTHING CONFIRMS THE RAMPANT STUPIDITY OF MAN-KIND… Like reading reviews of my own movies. I usually try to avoid the experience – but this one takes the cake. Often, to my great amusement, a critic will mention my past films in glowing terms, when at the time those same films were savaged, as if to highlight the critic’s flawed belief of my descent into mediocrity. You see, my dear fellow FBookers, I have never gotten great reviews… on any movie I’ve made really, apart from those by reviewers who think for themselves and make up their own opinions. Sadly those type of reviewers are nearly all dead. I guess I have the knack of rubbing reviewers the wrong way – always have.

This time of course they have bigger axes to grind – they can rip into my movie while trying to make their mainly pale asses look so politically correct by screaming “white-wash!!!” like the deranged idiots they all are. They fail to understand, or chose to pretend to not understand what this movie is, so as to serve some bizarre consensus of opinion which has nothing to do with the movie at all. That’s ok, this modern age of texting has rendered them less than worthless, so they will probably go the way of the dinosaur or the newspaper shortly – don’t movie-goers text their friends with what they thought of a movie? Seems most critics spend their time trying to work out what most people will want to hear. How do you do that? Why these days it is so easy… just surf the net to read other reviews or what bloggers are saying – no matter how misguided an opinion of a movie might be before it actually comes out.

Lock a critic in a room with a movie no one has even seen and they will not know what to make of it. Because contrary to what a critic should probably be they have no personal taste or opinion, because they are basing their views on the status quo. None of them are brave enough to say “well I like it” if it goes against consensus. Therefore they are less than worthless. Now that anyone can post their opinion about anything from a movie to a pair of shoes to a hamburger, what value do they have – nothing.

Roger Ebert wasn’t bad. He was a true film lover at least, a failed film-maker, which gave him a great deal of insight. His passion for film was contagious and he shared this with his fans. He loved films and his contribution to cinema as a result was positive. Now we have a pack of diseased vultures pecking at the bones of a dying carcass. Trying to peck to the rhythm of the consensus. I applaud any film-goer who values their own opinion enough to not base it on what the pack-mentality say is good or bad.